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Two new Schools of Sanctuary announced

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We are proud to announce that two schools were granted the Schools of Sanctuary award this year! Lawnswood High School and Beeston Primary have submitted their portfolio and our awarding committee was delighted to endorse both. Lawnswood High School has demonstrated a long commitment to sanctuary seekers; a fantastic way of embedding a culture of welcome in all areas of the school; embedding learning about asylum issues in the whole curriculum and an extraordinary whole-school effort to make it a welcoming school. Students took part in an art exhibition in Refugee Week last year, raised funds for PAFRAS and RETAS and produced this short documentary film about a refugee student. The Harmony Group of Beeston Primary School made a big effort to build a Garden of Sanctuary where everyone can feel safe and protected. For two years the school ran a drama based learning journey about what it means to seek sanctuary, with Lisa Stephenson from Leeds Metropolitan University. The children have showcased their work to parents and took part in several awareness raising sessions. The award ceremony will be held in September 2014. Well done to all!