• Mon
    6:00 pmCity of Sanctuary offices, Oak House, Park Ln, Leeds LS3 1EL

    Volunteer Information Meetings: Introducing new volunteers to the migrant support sector in Leeds


    Leeds City of Sanctuary are hosting a meeting for volunteers who want to support asylum seekers and refugees in Leeds.

    The purpose of the meeting is to help people

    • Get an overview of all the types of volunteering opportunities there are in Leeds, with organisations working around asylum and refuge
    • Think about the skills and gifts they have to offer
    • Think about when they might be available
    • Find the organisation and role that best fits what they have to offer
    • Find the organisation and role that best suits their interests and expertise
    • Meet with people from different organisations to hear about their work and to ask questions

    These meetings also help to remove pressure from smaller organisations who sometimes struggle to have individual conversations with every person who contacts them.

    This meeting will be held on Monday 11th September 2017 from 6-7pm  at venue TBC- but if you can't make it don't worry, we will be holding meetings semi-regularly so keep an eye on this page for news of the next one. We will try to vary time and location to give more people a chance to attend.

    For more information or if you would like to be contacted next time there is a meeting please email: [email protected]