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Schools of Sanctuary in Leeds

There is lots more information about Schools of Sanctuary nationally on the main Schools of Sanctuary site

Schools of Sanctuary aims to:

  • Promote positive attitudes within schools and their communities around people seeking sanctuary
  • Support schools to take positive steps and to be proud of being places of safety and inclusion for all
  • Recognise and celebrate schools that are committed to welcoming and supporting people seeking sanctuary

Why get involved?

  • Create a sense of safety and inclusion for all
  • Develop understanding of what it means to seek sanctuary. Dispel negative myths
  • Provide learning opportunities around human rights, social justice, diversity and interdependence
  • Strengthen race equality and community cohesion work
  • Increase student voice and promote active citizenship
  • Augment work to attain Stephen Lawrence Education Standard or other inclusion initiative

How can my school get involved?

We invite all schools in Leeds to get involved. The process is as follows…

  1. Have a look at our Schools of Sanctuary resource pack
  2. Visit the ‘Become a School of Sanctuary’ pages on the Schools of Sanctuary site
  3. Contact us ([email protected]) let us know you want to start the process and for support and resources
  4. When you’re ready, submit your evidence which will be assessed by a panel to see if you have met the three principles
  5. Be presented with an official School of Sanctuary certificate

The principles in brief

  1. Learn about what it means to be seeking sanctuary
  2. Take positive action to embed concepts of welcome, safety and inclusion within your school and the wider community
  3. Share your vision and achievements – be proud!

Other details