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How can I volunteer with refugees and asylum seekers in Leeds? What can I do to help?

Interested in Volunteering with refugees/asylum seekers

in Leeds in 2019?

Want to know what opportunities are out there?

Then one of our Volunteer Information Sessions might be for you!

The sessions aim to help people:

Find out about organisations supporting refuge and asylum in Leeds

Identify the varied volunteering opportunities/roles that are available

Consider the skills and experience you have to offer

Have an opportunity to ask questions and gather information

Please email Tina at [email protected] to find out more


Volunteering for Leeds City of Sanctuary
We are seeking volunteers for the following roles:

  • Communications Volunteers (facebook, social media, newsletter)
  • Schools of Sanctuary Volunteers
  • Sanctuary Suppers Project Volunteers
  • Awareness-raising Volunteers
  • Maternity Stream Volunteers

If you are interested in any of these roles or to discuss further, please contact [email protected]

Steering group members
Our steering group meets about once a month to stay in touch with the big picture of Leeds City of Sanctuary and to discuss what else we can do. Visitors are always welcome and we value input from others sharing our values. If you’d like to come to a meeting, contact [email protected] for details of the next one.


Other Volunteering Opportunities in Leeds

There are a wealth of organisations in the city all working to help refugees in one way or another, and there is a diverse range of volunteering opportunities within these organisations. We know that each potential volunteer has something different and unique to offer and will be suited to a different one of these opportunities. In order to help you learn more about these opportunities and to find your place in the sector, we are pleased to be able to offer personalised advice and sign-posting.

Please email [email protected] with any particular areas of interest or skills & experience you might have as well as the time committment you are looking to make and we will be able to support you to make a good decision about where to approach for volunteering opportunities.


In the mean time you might want to browse, an excellent resource which lists up-to-date volunteering opportunities with refugees and asylum seekers across the city.