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Yorkshire Dales Day Trip

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The Maternity Stream was invited by the People and Dales On Friday 12TH December 2014, to spend a lovely day away in Airton, Yorkshire Dales. Mums, children and some volunteers had the opportunity to meet some local people who hosted and welcomed us at the Quaker House. We had a great time learning about and helping make nearly 160 Christingles for their Sunday service. We also had a wonderful lunch together with four different homemade soups and bread. Later, we had a good chat and shared some carols and nursery rhymes in different languages over some homemade cakes and hot drinks. Then we all had a tour and introduction of the Quaker Meeting Hall. We bid farewell to the people who hosted us and then went for a stroll around taking in the beauty of the scenery which was coated with snow. Jacky was thrilled to see the snow she said, “I felt I was in a holiday for day and I felt in peace with the white surrounding…”. On the way back to Leeds we stopped over at the Anglican Church to drop off the Christingles and had a short tour of the stunning church. We sang ‘Silent Night’ in English and then one of our volunteers sang it in Spanish. The vicar explained the significance of Friday 14th December being the 100th anniversary of the soldiers’ from England and Germany who came together for a night during the first world war for a football match and before the game sang ‘silent night’ in the trenches. Sadly the soldiers fighting continued after the football game, where as we were able to sing silent night together with people fleeing persecution and offer them peace and friendship. He also explained about a bolt near the door (called sanctuary bolt) which was used for protection when people came seeking refuge. Overall, everyone had a delightful day and were very pleased with the hospitality and warmth the local people welcomed us with. We are looking forward to going back and possibly staying with local families in the summer.