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Refugees Welcome March 2016

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City of Sanctuary is supporting Refugees Welcome 2016.

Last September, the image of 3 year old Aylan Kurdiโ€™s body on a Turkish beach horrified the world. 100,000 of us marched in London in response to tell our government that we want to welcome refugees in the UK, and to stop the drowning. Since then, thousands more terrified and desperate refugees, including hundreds of children, have lost their lives trying to reach safety in Europe.
This September, world leaders will meet to discuss the refugee crisis at two crucial summits. This is the biggest opportunity of 2016 to show our government and the world that Britain is ready to welcome more refugees.

Last year, in the week of our demonstration, the government agreed to resettle 20,000 Syrian refugees. We know that public pressure can make a difference.
So save the day to help refugees on September 17th: Join us and make your voice heard!


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